Why Metered Water?

In 2020, Utah legislators passed House Bill 242 to have metered non-potable water throughout the state of Utah by the year 2030…

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For the past decade, Utah has been working to enact a wise water usage plan that can help the state grow and thrive. Check out our secondary metering journey and our Additional Resources below to see secondary water metering in action across Utah.

The Metering Process


A contractor will dig down to your secondary water connection.


A meter box will be installed to protect, and give access to, the meter.


A meter will be connected, helping you and your community water system better understand your use.


Landscaping around the excavated area will be restored.

What's Happening In My Neighborhood?


Secondary meter installations will pause from late March till July 2024. A map will be uploaded here once installations resume.


The area of Hooper served by Roy Water Conservancy District is complete. If you live in Hooper outside of this area, contact your service provider. Thank you!


The system is charged and operating for 2024! If you have a leak, call the hotline (801-810-5886) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Evenings and weekends call 801-698-6374. Please see DWCCC's website for info about start up (under "2024 Water Season"), areas that may be shut down, and other water questions.

Secondary meter installations in Kaysville are complete. Restoration and repairs will continue as needed through the summer.


Secondary meters are currently being installed east of 3500 West between 4000 South and approximately 6100 South.

West Haven

Secondary meters are currently being installed in the area of West Haven that is served by Roy Water Conservancy District. 

Map of the counties in Utah

Orange areas on this map are areas where meters are being installed for this project. Click the appropriate arrow at left to see what is happening in your city.