Why Metered Water?

In 2020, Utah legislators passed House Bill 242 to have metered non-potable water throughout the state of Utah by the year 2030…

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Water savings through metering alone could range between 25 and 40 percent-essentially, "a full reservoir of water".

- Rep. Val Peterson (R-Orem)

The money from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act will help water districts cover up to 70% of the cost for installing meters if they do so in 2022 or 2023.

The Metering Process


A contractor will dig down to your secondary water connection.


A meter box will be installed to protect, and give access to, the meter.


A meter will be connected, helping you and your community water system better understand your use.


Landscaping around the excavated area will be restored.

What's Happening In My Neighborhood?


Secondary meters are being installed between 500 South to 2450 South from Orchard Drive to the freeway.

View a map of upcoming secondary water meter installations.


Secondary meters are being installed south of 5500 South between 4300 West and 4700 West beginning in late January 2023.


Secondary meters will be installed in West Kaysville between fall 2022 and fall 2023.

Crews will be working just south of Boondock’s on roads connecting to Kays Drive and Deseret Drive. Watch for door hangers notifying they’ll be in your area. For an update on shutdowns, visit Davis Weber's website and click on "click to view map."


  • Secondary meters are anticipated to be installed west of 3100 West between 4800 South and 6000 South beginning in late April 2023.
  • Secondary meters are anticipated to be installed north of 4800 South between 3600 West and 4275 West beginning in late Summer 2023.

West Haven

  • Updates coming soon.
Map of the counties in Utah